Airbnb wants to help you get inside Berghain with a Berliner

Ever been turned away at the doors of Berghain? Your luck may change in May

Posted 4 days ago
How to get into Berghain

Nobody wants to get rejected at Berghain. Especially when you’ve traveled all the way to Berlin with the hopes of partying there.

Airbnb now wants to help.

Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said Berliners will be able to take tourists and locals on paid “experiences” around their city, starting in May. That could include drinks at a hidden Kreuzberg bar, dinner in Mitte, or a night out at one of the city’s many incredible clubs—including Berghain.

“We’re really repositioning Airbnb as a platform for the entire trip,” Blecharczyk told an audience at the Factory tech hub in Berlin. He also said the company wants to offer flights and other travel services through its app.

Of course, trying to pay your way into Berghain is nothing new. Back in 2015, Thump interviewed two New York entrepreneurs who were offering €100 per visit for reliable entry into the club. That offer was posted to Craigslist, and by their account got a lot of responses.

28 tips how to get into Berghain

Exploring any city with a local guide is always a much more rewarding way to travel. And right now, Airbnb users in 13 other cities around the world can offer experiences, including in Cuba.

“Our most popular one (city) so far is Havana, Cuba,” Blecharczyk said. “You go to Havana and it’s really hard to get plugged into the local scene or know how to find things and experience the culture.”

But Blecharczyk sees it as more than just a way to make money, adding that “It’s a way to meet people” and possibly network.

So if you’ve been turned away at the hallowed doors of Berghain every time you’re in Berlin, your luck may just change in May.

Though it’s also very likely that many Berliners won’t be up for helping strangers access their favourite club. The general fear of “ruining” a sacred and safe space will likely always persist. And it’s always worth remembering that there a plenty of great clubs in the city.