Antwerp gets a new 5000 square meter venue named Meatpack this weekend

Good excuse for a trip to Belgium!

Posted 7 months ago
Meatpack Antwerp Belgium
Picture: Red Bull Elektropedia

Antwerp – A new venue named Meatpack is opening in Antwerp, Belgium this weekend.

According to Resident Advisor, the 5000 square meter former factory will house a nightclub, which will be sealed within one of the halls to ensure there are no issues with sound bleed. The venue, named after the former meatpacking district nearby, will open its doors on Saturday, December 9th.

“Even though this is a warehouse, we wanted to avoid making it look like one,” Meatpack’s co-operator Nelson Donck told Red Bull Elektropedia. “

This club needs to look sexy and attractive, so instead of working with the usual black, we’ll transform everything with and pink carpets and light colours.”

External clubs and promoters; Hush Hush, Kelly Palmer, Daft Funk, Club 808 and Vice City are all onboard.

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