Few days left till House-Grandpa Johan celebrates his 85th birthday

The worlds first genuine techno party in honor of a Grandpas' eighty-fifth birthday

Posted 6 days ago
House Opa Johan de Vries

This Saturday a techno party in honor of the eighty-fifth birthday of ‘house-grandpa’ Johan de Vries will take place at the Patronaat in Haarlem. A world’s first. There are a few tickets left for the event and fans of Techno Moves can get a 5 euro discount here, you’ll only pay 12.50 instead of 17.50. Over a 1000 people will celebrate the house-grandpa’s 85th birthday.

The now 84-year-old De Vries calls the initiative fantastic: “I absolutely love techno, so a party for my birthday is wonderful. I have invited many of my dance acquaintances.”

Find all event info here.

De Vries became world famous after videos of him dancing at Edit Festival went viral. Since then he goes through life as the “house-grandpa” and visits almost all large festivals in the Netherlands for free, as VIP guest. He has been to many, including: Awakenings, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.

Techno has no age!

Techno has no age ❤️

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De Vries has been partying since 2005. “At first, I still felt a little shame, I was afraid of nasty comments. When I finally got the courage and went to a festival, the opposite happened:.. Everyone was so nice.”

Techno party for 85th birthday House-Grandpa Johan almost sold out

De Vries hopes to keep it long. “I’ve been saying for a few years I’m going to stop it, but I’m still fit and dance merrily. Now I have decided to continue at least until January 1 and then see how I feel.”

Frank Böhm, fan and one of the initiators of the birthday party, invited thirteen techno Dj’s to play at the event named: Elixir of Life: Grandpa’s Birthday Rave Johan. Two area’s, one showing local celebrities and in the other room larger names such as Secret Cinema and Bram Fidder.

The party lasts until six o’clock in the morning, not very common for an eighty-fifth birthday. “I have no idea if I’m going to keep going. I hope so, because I am the host. I do not use drugs, so I have to have my condition,” says De Vries.

For family and friends who do not have so much love for techno, there is pre-drinks in the bar. Yet De Vries hopes they then also come dance with him when the party starts. “My wife has nothing with techno, but it will be great if she’s there with me. I just put her in the corner on a chair with ear plugs in. Then I’ll see how long they can keep it up.”

Techno party for 85th birthday House-Grandpa Johan almost sold out

There are still a few tickets left for the party. Get yours here. Find all other event info here.

Ida Engberg​ and grandpa Johan

Ida Engberg and grandpa Johan

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