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Sam Paganini Claydrum

Sam Paganini is returning to Complex for Claydrum

Posted 3 months ago
The Italian mastermind Sam Paganini is returning to Complex on the 4th of May. After the club’s opening in 2016 with Jeff Mills, Complex and Claydrum had the Italian mastermind selling out their second...
Techno Viking

Where Are They Now? Techno Viking

Posted 6 months ago
SEVENTEEN years ago, at the 2000 Fuckparade in Germany, a legend was born in the form of a topless raver nicknamed The Techno Viking. Little was known about the muscle-bound man filmed in the 4-minute...

Bassiani is one of the world’s best techno venues, leading the charge in Tbilisi’s...

Posted 11 months ago
One of the newest clubs to slip onto our radar: Bassiani. Located in the basement of the Dinamo Arena football stadium, Bassiani is the leading light in Tbilisi's club scene, which many say is...