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Tresor Berlin Detroit

Tresor is hosting a two-day event dedicated to Berlin and Detroit

Posted 6 days ago
Detroit techno pioneer "Mad" Mike Banks is linking with industry veteran and nightclub owner...
Barcelona bullring Off Week

Former Barcelona bullring becomes house and techno epicenter during Off Week

Posted 2 weeks ago
La Plaza de Toros La Monumenta is a breathtaking former bullring in Barcelona. It...
Elrow Amnesia Ibiza

Elrow has revealed the themes and line-ups for Amnesia Ibiza season

Posted 2 weeks ago
Elrow has announced details of its upcoming season at Amnesia Ibiza.Artists set to feature across...
Land van Ooit Dance Festival

Dance music festival in abandoned ‘Land van Ooit’ theme park, the Netherlands

Posted 2 weeks ago
The Land van Ooit was once a children's theme park, which has been abandoned...
Locals outraged about sub:merged

Locals outraged about the arrival of the ‘Biggest techno festival in the world’

Posted 2 weeks ago
BREDA - Council Bavel and district council Heusdenhout are outraged about the announcement of a...
Air Festival Indonesia

Air Festival Indonesia, a hedonistic island utopia for techno lovers

Posted 2 weeks ago
Air Festival has quickly become the pilgrimage for techno-seeking partiers in Indonesia, with no...

Neversea, Romania’s freshest festival, pulls in house and techno’s big names

Posted 2 weeks ago
The rise of Romania as one of Europe’s premier clubbing destinations continues. The newest addition...

These photos from AfrikaBurn take you deep inside the madness

Posted 2 weeks ago
AfrikaBurn has easily become one of South Africa’s most anticipated outdoor “events.” And although...
De Raaf Breda Rave Union

A Dutch organization has announced a weekend full of illegal forest raves

Posted 2 weeks ago
De Raaf Breda wants to drive the capacity of the police in Breda to...
Kappa FuturFestival

This are the 27 headliners of Kappa FuturFestival 2017

Posted 2 weeks ago
It was announced recently that the Kappa FuturFestival - which will be installed for...
Brazil festival half price book

In Brazil visitors can enter festivals at half price when they bring a book

Posted 2 weeks ago
DGTL made its debut in São Paulo this weekend. And that is not the...
Awakenings Festival 2017

Awakenings Festival 2017 Saturday is almost sold out

Posted 2 weeks ago
Awakenings Festival is the highlight of Europe’s techno music calendar / one of the...
techno on the Great Wall of China

This electronic music festival is happening at the Great Wall of China

Posted 2 weeks ago
Since its debut event in September 2014, the YinYang Music Festival has been highly...
10 Signs failing festivals

10 Signs to look out for to prevent getting caught in the next festival...

Posted 2 weeks ago
With Fyre festival as the new all time low in festival experiences we made...

Biggest techno festival in the world, or biggest techno fail in the world?

Posted 2 weeks ago
UPDATED: After our article last week sub:Merged asked us if they could get an opportunity...


  1. Hemelsbreed Festival 2017

    May 24 at 10:00 pm - May 25 at 6:00 am UTC+1
  2. Audio Obscura x Dixon b2b Job Jobse

    May 25 at 8:00 pm - May 26 at 3:00 am UTC+2
  3. Diynamic Festival Amsterdam 2017

    May 26 at 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm UTC+1
  4. 909 | 2017

    May 27 at 11:00 am - 11:00 pm UTC+1
  5. Lente Kabinet Festival 2017

    May 27 at 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm UTC+1
  6. Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2017 (XOBE17)

    June 2 at 11:00 am - June 4 at 11:00 pm UTC+2
  7. Amsterdam Open Air 2017

    June 3 at 12:00 pm - June 4 at 11:00 pm UTC+2
  8. The Crave Festival 2017 | Zuiderpark Den Haag

    June 3 at 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm UTC+2
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