Breda – sub:Merged – The Gathering 2017, 22nd to 24th of September in Breda (the Netherlands), has been announced as the world’s largest techno festival with 100,000 expected visitors.

The organization announced the line up to be a “mix of the Godfathers of Techno, Headliners of today and stars of tomorrow.” In total 150 international artist will be performing at the festival. Today we can announce the first 50 artists.

Check out all 50 artists that are released now and the end of this article

submerged line up

First names released

  • Boris
  • Christian Smith
  • Dr. Motte
  • D-Unity
  • Joop Junior
  • Mark Reeve
  • Manic Brothers
  • Medhat & Dekkstrum
  • Reinier Zonneveld
  • Roger Martinez
  • Secret Cinema
  • SQL
  • Check out all 50 artists that are released now and the end of this article

How the festival got announced

In a world that is more divided than ever, we believe that music is the only thing that brings people together. Techno is a universal language, a sound created to unite and share a message to the world. It’s time to join forces and make a stand against all the wrongs in the world, Let’s create our own movement starting with 3 days of peace and music. A new era starts here and now! We want YOU to be part of it.

22nd to 24th of September, we stand together strong and create the world’s largest techno festival to celebrate our beliefs and send a powerful message to the world.

submerged line up
Venue: Breepark Breda, The Netherlands

“The festival contains four events, two indoors with 12,500 people on Friday and Saturday night. And two outdoor events of 35,000 people on Saturday and Sunday. Plus 5000 we can still fill.”

“We have 24-hour licenses and allowed to go on for 50 hours non stop, at Breepark in Breda. Breepark is a venue built for events of this size, an indoor hall is being built at this moment which will be finished before the event.”

All released artists playing on sub:Merged the Gathering

  • Alisha Lawler
  • Amber
  • Andreas Kraemer
  • Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.
  • Atroxx
  • Balthazar & JackRock
  • Boris
  • Christian Smith
  • Daniel Miller
  • Dr. Motte
  • D-Unity
  • D-Deck
  • Glenn Wilson
  • Gemma Furbank
  • Go!Diva
  • Housemeister
  • Jason Fernandes
  • Jewel Kid
  • John Acquaviva
  • Joop Junior
  • Jon Connor
  • Justin James
  • Kevin Arnemann
  • Lenny
  • Lisa Lashes
  • Lisa Oakes
  • Mark Reeve
  • Many Reasons
  • Mark EG
  • Manic Brothers
  • Medhat & Dekkstrum
  • Mike Väth
  • Microvibes
  • Michaela Reilly
  • NHB / Ninna V
  • Noemi Black
  • Oriel Mccombe
  • Ramon Tapia
  • Reinier Zonneveld
  • Roger Martinez
  • Rob Hes
  • Secret Cinema
  • The Anxious Live
  • The Yellowheads
  • Silicone Soul
  • SQL
  • Stefano Noferini
  • Sterling Moss
  • Stiv Hey

General event info

Date: September 22 – September 24
Location: Breepark, Breda – The Netherlands
Facebook event:

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