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Man who wants to buy drinks at elrow discovers that he is invisible

Posted 2 months ago
Ben started having suspicions when two members of the bar staff just kept on...
ticket money

Great friend pays back borrowed ticket money after only 5 requests

Posted 2 months ago
When Duncan paid for Alex's Awakenings ticket in advance, he was afraid it would...
no festival

At this place comes no festival this summer

Posted 2 months ago
Today this is a quiet area with a nice piece of water, but this...
angry white man

Angry white man claims far right is the best place to stand in the...

Posted 4 months ago
An angry white man has rubbished the popular theory that the front left is...
huge announcement

Club promoter’s huge announcement actually quite small

Posted 4 months ago
A small percentage of Facebook users were left totally underwhelmed today after a local...

Recently single girl floods social media with semi naked photos

Posted 4 months ago
A girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend and flooded social media with semi naked photos in a bid to make him jealous...
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